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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

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Andrew Zimmerman Jones is an author, philosopher, educator, science advocate, and entrepreneur.

He writes in the areas of science and science fiction.

40 Days of Giving:
An Experiment in Charity

From February 17 to March 28, 2010, Andrew and his family set all of their income aside to give to others, in ways both large and small. Together with his wife, Andrew is documenting the experience for a new book!

The 40 Days are over, but the experiment continues!

You can help!

String Theory for Dummies

Andrew Zimmerman Jones' first book, String Theory for Dummies, is now available from Wiley Publishing as part of their bestselling For Dummies line of books.

This is the guide for the average person into the theory that many physicists believe will reconcile the difficulties of quantum physics and general relativity - string theory. If successful, some hope that this theory will provide explanations into the origins of the universe and the matter in it, as well as the meaning of phenomena such as black holes, dark matter, and dark energy.

Unfortunately, string theory remains unproven - largely because the domain it claims to explain is likely beyond our current technological capacities to test. Some scientists hope that the Large Hadron Collider in Europe will, once it cranks up to its full power, reveal some clues that help support the growing picture that string theory is revealing.

Still others feel that string theory has little to tell us about the fundamental nature of our own universe.

To find out more about string theory and its critics, check out String Theory for Dummies.

Heroes and Philosophy available now!

The collection Heroes and Philosophy: Buy the Book, Save the World, edited by David Kyle Johnson, includes my two essays:

Originally one single essay, they were judiciously split into two, so that each topic could be addressed more fully.

Portions of Heroes and Philosophy are available for free from Google Books.

You can also learn more about Heroes and Philosophy by watching an interview with fellow essayist Tyler Shores, in the Authors@Google program.